Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Best Moments Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 8 [Greenhazel Version]

Okay, another hard choose. But actually i have one scene in this episode which really touch my heart.
Kim Jung Bong. This episode is tribute to this hyung. He usually a dork, and kind of weird hyung, but in this episode we learn that.. he is sick. He has a heart disease, and he already went under big surgery a year ago, and he will be doing some smaller surgery which is procedural. He is kind of nervous about this, but his family looks absolutely relax.

The Best Moment Episode 8.
That 3% of chance, scare me so much.

I also think that he kind of too much when he bring all his favorite item and give them to Junghwan.

Junghwan shake him off, "I've already look about that surgery, people said that the possibility to failed is less than 3%."

Jung Bong look at him and said, "People said that the possibility for a child got heart disease from birth is less than 2%. So, that 3% scared me."

I feel like being hammer on my head when i hear he said that. Maybe it sound so simple, but actually that scared the patient so much, that possibility..

And also the moment at the hospital killing me. Jung Bong and Mi Ran Mom. Jung Bong scared and can't sleep even that his surgery is tomorrow and he actually need rest. His mom reassure him that the surgery is simple, and no even a little chance to being failed.
But Jung Bong said, "Because mom is a strong person, but your son has a weak body.. also weak heart." and that got his mom teary. "Why will my child weak? You are so strong because you take after mom.. Do you think just anyone can overcome that difficult surgery like you did? Jung Bong a~ That's incredible. You are definitely more stronger than mom.. more greater.

But where is mom that have no worry about her son? where is dad that have no worry about his son?

Simple and Difficult, Small or Big are not the problem, but being considerate even with a simple word, actually you can give someone strength.
a simple "Don't Worry"

That is my best moment for episode 8! How about you?

Selasa, 08 Maret 2016

Best Moments Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 7 [Greenhazel Version]

My Best Moment for Episode 7 is Junghwan dan Deoksun's moment at the holy stairs of Sammundong.
Can I said that as a confession? hahaha.. Junghwan's style of confession. >.<
But Junghwan is so kind that i feel bad for him so much.
Look at how different his action when he knows his friend like the girl he likes and when not. Actually, i think he is not that silent love type, he said it.. not so straightforward but he say it out loud, and actually just a little step behind to "clear", about what he means.

Junghwan comes to Deok Sun when she called, and of course they go home together, they practically live in the same house.
Deok Sun start to wonder why Jung hwan came, he is not that kind of style who will run to her just with one call. Sun Woo, maybe, but of course not Jung hwan. So of course the only thing she can think is that Jung Hwan is her manitto, the one who will give her present on Christmas.
But Junghwan deny instantly, of course not.. his manitto is Taek, he said. So why will he come? 
Just like Junghwan get frustrated that Deok Sun doesn't get how his feeling, me too shout on her face so much. (i even pause at her face and blabbers on her, not that this kind of action can make it works).
"With that brain of yours, think carefully. Why would I come? Understand?" and walk away.

Deok Sun last narration: "Time flew and left behind some separation and regret. If you love someone, you need to say it now. You have to say it before the time spent in living turns into regret. Maybe, the biggest present left by the time.. is the memory of being loved. So before it's being too late, fight your embarrassment and confess : "To you.. The one I love."

And just if Jung Hwan hears that narration... #cuppingmyfaceandcry.

Okay.. i think i just suicide again.. because it make me once again fall down and can't move on.. 
Even that just yesterday.. i already can laugh and laugh very much at one of Jun Yeol's comment in Reply 1988 concert.

Choi Sung Won-ssi (as No Eul) ask Jun Yeol to say the sweet moment that he remembered as Jung Hwan. So Jun Yeol kind of ask the audience about what the moment they remembered but suddenly he said, "someone said, it's too late.. get lost!" 
hahahahha.. Oh My Gosh, He is so Funny!
No Eul is so handsome! Ups! out of focus :p

By the way that's the best moment of episode 7 for me, of course i like Taek's father moment of hesitation saying his love to Taek but.. Junghwan's moment have a more place in my heart :p
So.. that's it. how about you?

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

Best Moments Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 6 [Greenhazel Version]

My Best Moment for Episode 6 is actually none. Yup, none, but actually this episode has the first twist.
While from episode 1-5, we being fed up that the potential husband is Sun Woo and Jung Hwan, this episode tell us that Sun Woo is out.
I should have warn myself this time tough, so that i can prepared to be fool for the next 14 episodes.

Even this is not the best moment, but actually this is the unforgettable moment to me, the first snow, but not when Sun Woo tell Bora that He likes her, also not when Deok Sun cry like crazy because she knows Sun Woo likes her sister, also not when Junghwan smile like a fool when he realize Sun Woo likes Bora not Deok Sun. But when Taek call Deok Sun and asked her to go watch a movie with him.

That cute Taek, first move.
From "Should we go to see a movie?" and change it to "Let's go watch a movie."

Taek is more brave than what he shows. He is so earnest, and innocent.

So even that this is not the best moment, but certainly this is what i will remember when it first snow. Ups.. i got my feeling on me >.<

Best Moments Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 5 [Greenhazel Version]

Episode 5 is a little easy choose.
I like this scene very much that i vote this as the best scene in Junghwan-Deoksun's Romance.
Deoksun stay in the study room till midnight, but she overslept actually, not study.. and it's also not the first day she did this.
Junghwan who is already has feeling on her get worry and wait for her everyday. But that day was raining and the day was deeper.
Junghwan wait outside and give her an umbrella while said, "Go home earlier." and then walk away.
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Oh my gosh i like this scene so much.. so so much.

Ryu Jun Yeol himself has also mention this scene in his v-app, and he said that his fans told him to write that phrase on their signature paper. Well, if i meet him one day, and if i still remember this drama, i will also want him to write that phrase for me.. Hahahahha ^^

So this is the best moment of Reply 1988 episode 5.

Best Moment of Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 4 [Greenhazel Version]

Another hard choose, Friendship? Family? or Romance?

Actually, i am a romance lover but in this episode, Junghwan's reaction for relieve his father upset mood is touch me, so i choose family.

The best moment of reply 1988 episode 4 is "Junghwan reacted his father's gag" scene.
Although he is kind of silent type, he also sensitive enough to feel about everyone around him. He did know that his father like to acting silly and he kind of get used to avoid his gag. But when suddenly his father get upset, Junghwan is the child who know and want to understand him.

So glad that we still have that old soul Dong Ryong who knows exactly what happen and how to solve the problem. "All you have to do, is reaction."

So Junghwan kind of pushing himself so that he can react to his father's gag, which is so much hard because he isn't the type who did.
And that make his father shock also.
But it was so funny ^_^

So aside of this scene, i also love how the friendship between the gang, when Taek feeling down because losing his game. Everyone tip a toe around him, but the friend just casually bring that lose thing and laugh it off like nothing. 

And the romance.. hoooo.. how can i forget that protect her in the bus scene?

So that is the best moment of episode 4, for me. How about you?

Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

Best Moment of Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 3 [Greenhazel Version]

Even tough I really appreciate that this season of Answer Me, is about family and friendship, but you can't really ignore the loveline when you watch a Korean Drama, isn't it?

So for Episode 3, after consider one and another, i decide that this scene is the most memorable and cute and really really fluttery ^^

Best scenes :
Jung Hwan and Deok Sun hide and trapped at the small road at the alley.
The boys and Deok Sun got to be on MT at the same location, while Deok Sun concern is all about the dance performance for her walkman. The boys concern is all about alcohol.

Deok Sun begs Dong Ryong to bring the boys to be on the performance and Jung Hwan force Deok Sun to take care on their drink. Sounds like a win win solution for me.

Accept that, the boys really help her win the walkman but she forgot their drink. #rollingeyes.

And to make it worse, teacher run on the boys who come out without permission to help her in the performance and start to run after them. Which Deok Sun still wave brightly because he is also Dong Ryong's Dad. So.. Sun Woo and Dong Ryong run fast, and straight to the up, while Jung Hwan pull Deok Sun aside and hide between a small space in the alley, and they stuck to each other, fully close skinship hahahahaha #excited.

First, they just too tired to feel anything but slowly.. they start to realize that their body stuck to each other. Her face to his chest, her chest to his stomach and.. his lower body?
I just think this scene so "cleaver", they bring you something sexy without really give you the sexiest thing. I mean, They both fully dressed, not kissing, not hugging and nothing romance thing.. but feel so sexy that i can't really forget this scenes even a week after!

Really well made and good planned! hahaha..
Watching this again make me feel excited and fluttery.. ^_^

Selasa, 02 Februari 2016

Best Moment Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 2 [Greenhazel Version]

I admit that episode 2 have so many great scenes, and to choose one is a torture.
But i have to. and so for today i wanna present The Best Moment of Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988.

So for me, this is the best scene for Episode 2.
Sun Woo always eat her mother's cook, even how bad that it tastes.

Just like Deok Sun, Sun Woo is also picture as a considerate son, which grew up with a single mother and have a cute little sister, but Sun Woo also the class president, a good student, a good friend and also a good son.
Her mother is already known as a bad cook but Sun Woo always eat her cook without complain.

One day, Sun Woo go home late and in his way to his house, he remember that he still doesn't finish his meals that his Mom packed for him, so he quietly hide and eat that meal, which is bad as always and to make it worse, already cold.
I like when the voice over said : Sometimes it's okay to be in delusion, if eating Mom's meal can make her think that she is a good cook, than that is the easiest thing to do.
It's fine to be in delusion sometimes, don't need to force the harsh truth onto a small bit of happiness, because sometimes you need delusion to be happy.

Sun Woo make me think, what kind of child am I.. and how i should love my mom just like him. Even that many scenes of this episode so great, this one touch me the most.

And just say just say haha.. i think i should add one more scene that i like from this episode, actually the message is link of.

Taek and Deok Sun's Dad conversation about Mother.

Deok Sun's Dad ask Taek, when is the time he miss his late mother the most. Taek teary answer him, "Everyday.. Everyday i miss my mom."

Mom is someone we miss the most, alive or not, Dad said.

and the voice over continue...

"An adult-like child is just a child who adjust to surroundings but an adult-like child is still a child."

Delution is short, but misunderstanding last a long time, that's why delusion offer freedom but misunderstanding chain you down.

The first time i watch this, just to hear Taek said "everyday" make my cry, but when i write this time, i just feel touch.. but not get teary anymore ^^
This is my best moment of episode 2, how about you?