Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

Best Moment of Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 3 [Greenhazel Version]

Even tough I really appreciate that this season of Answer Me, is about family and friendship, but you can't really ignore the loveline when you watch a Korean Drama, isn't it?

So for Episode 3, after consider one and another, i decide that this scene is the most memorable and cute and really really fluttery ^^

Best scenes :
Jung Hwan and Deok Sun hide and trapped at the small road at the alley.
The boys and Deok Sun got to be on MT at the same location, while Deok Sun concern is all about the dance performance for her walkman. The boys concern is all about alcohol.

Deok Sun begs Dong Ryong to bring the boys to be on the performance and Jung Hwan force Deok Sun to take care on their drink. Sounds like a win win solution for me.

Accept that, the boys really help her win the walkman but she forgot their drink. #rollingeyes.

And to make it worse, teacher run on the boys who come out without permission to help her in the performance and start to run after them. Which Deok Sun still wave brightly because he is also Dong Ryong's Dad. So.. Sun Woo and Dong Ryong run fast, and straight to the up, while Jung Hwan pull Deok Sun aside and hide between a small space in the alley, and they stuck to each other, fully close skinship hahahahaha #excited.

First, they just too tired to feel anything but slowly.. they start to realize that their body stuck to each other. Her face to his chest, her chest to his stomach and.. his lower body?
I just think this scene so "cleaver", they bring you something sexy without really give you the sexiest thing. I mean, They both fully dressed, not kissing, not hugging and nothing romance thing.. but feel so sexy that i can't really forget this scenes even a week after!

Really well made and good planned! hahaha..
Watching this again make me feel excited and fluttery.. ^_^

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