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Best Moments Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 7 [Greenhazel Version]

My Best Moment for Episode 7 is Junghwan dan Deoksun's moment at the holy stairs of Sammundong.
Can I said that as a confession? hahaha.. Junghwan's style of confession. >.<
But Junghwan is so kind that i feel bad for him so much.
Look at how different his action when he knows his friend like the girl he likes and when not. Actually, i think he is not that silent love type, he said it.. not so straightforward but he say it out loud, and actually just a little step behind to "clear", about what he means.

Junghwan comes to Deok Sun when she called, and of course they go home together, they practically live in the same house.
Deok Sun start to wonder why Jung hwan came, he is not that kind of style who will run to her just with one call. Sun Woo, maybe, but of course not Jung hwan. So of course the only thing she can think is that Jung Hwan is her manitto, the one who will give her present on Christmas.
But Junghwan deny instantly, of course not.. his manitto is Taek, he said. So why will he come? 
Just like Junghwan get frustrated that Deok Sun doesn't get how his feeling, me too shout on her face so much. (i even pause at her face and blabbers on her, not that this kind of action can make it works).
"With that brain of yours, think carefully. Why would I come? Understand?" and walk away.

Deok Sun last narration: "Time flew and left behind some separation and regret. If you love someone, you need to say it now. You have to say it before the time spent in living turns into regret. Maybe, the biggest present left by the time.. is the memory of being loved. So before it's being too late, fight your embarrassment and confess : "To you.. The one I love."

And just if Jung Hwan hears that narration... #cuppingmyfaceandcry.

Okay.. i think i just suicide again.. because it make me once again fall down and can't move on.. 
Even that just yesterday.. i already can laugh and laugh very much at one of Jun Yeol's comment in Reply 1988 concert.

Choi Sung Won-ssi (as No Eul) ask Jun Yeol to say the sweet moment that he remembered as Jung Hwan. So Jun Yeol kind of ask the audience about what the moment they remembered but suddenly he said, "someone said, it's too late.. get lost!" 
hahahahha.. Oh My Gosh, He is so Funny!
No Eul is so handsome! Ups! out of focus :p

By the way that's the best moment of episode 7 for me, of course i like Taek's father moment of hesitation saying his love to Taek but.. Junghwan's moment have a more place in my heart :p
So.. that's it. how about you?

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