Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

Best Moment of Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 4 [Greenhazel Version]

Another hard choose, Friendship? Family? or Romance?

Actually, i am a romance lover but in this episode, Junghwan's reaction for relieve his father upset mood is touch me, so i choose family.

The best moment of reply 1988 episode 4 is "Junghwan reacted his father's gag" scene.
Although he is kind of silent type, he also sensitive enough to feel about everyone around him. He did know that his father like to acting silly and he kind of get used to avoid his gag. But when suddenly his father get upset, Junghwan is the child who know and want to understand him.

So glad that we still have that old soul Dong Ryong who knows exactly what happen and how to solve the problem. "All you have to do, is reaction."

So Junghwan kind of pushing himself so that he can react to his father's gag, which is so much hard because he isn't the type who did.
And that make his father shock also.
But it was so funny ^_^

So aside of this scene, i also love how the friendship between the gang, when Taek feeling down because losing his game. Everyone tip a toe around him, but the friend just casually bring that lose thing and laugh it off like nothing. 

And the romance.. hoooo.. how can i forget that protect her in the bus scene?

So that is the best moment of episode 4, for me. How about you?

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