Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

Best Moments Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 5 [Greenhazel Version]

Episode 5 is a little easy choose.
I like this scene very much that i vote this as the best scene in Junghwan-Deoksun's Romance.
Deoksun stay in the study room till midnight, but she overslept actually, not study.. and it's also not the first day she did this.
Junghwan who is already has feeling on her get worry and wait for her everyday. But that day was raining and the day was deeper.
Junghwan wait outside and give her an umbrella while said, "Go home earlier." and then walk away.
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Oh my gosh i like this scene so much.. so so much.

Ryu Jun Yeol himself has also mention this scene in his v-app, and he said that his fans told him to write that phrase on their signature paper. Well, if i meet him one day, and if i still remember this drama, i will also want him to write that phrase for me.. Hahahahha ^^

So this is the best moment of Reply 1988 episode 5.

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