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Best Moments Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 8 [Greenhazel Version]

Okay, another hard choose. But actually i have one scene in this episode which really touch my heart.
Kim Jung Bong. This episode is tribute to this hyung. He usually a dork, and kind of weird hyung, but in this episode we learn that.. he is sick. He has a heart disease, and he already went under big surgery a year ago, and he will be doing some smaller surgery which is procedural. He is kind of nervous about this, but his family looks absolutely relax.

The Best Moment Episode 8.
That 3% of chance, scare me so much.

I also think that he kind of too much when he bring all his favorite item and give them to Junghwan.

Junghwan shake him off, "I've already look about that surgery, people said that the possibility to failed is less than 3%."

Jung Bong look at him and said, "People said that the possibility for a child got heart disease from birth is less than 2%. So, that 3% scared me."

I feel like being hammer on my head when i hear he said that. Maybe it sound so simple, but actually that scared the patient so much, that possibility..

And also the moment at the hospital killing me. Jung Bong and Mi Ran Mom. Jung Bong scared and can't sleep even that his surgery is tomorrow and he actually need rest. His mom reassure him that the surgery is simple, and no even a little chance to being failed.
But Jung Bong said, "Because mom is a strong person, but your son has a weak body.. also weak heart." and that got his mom teary. "Why will my child weak? You are so strong because you take after mom.. Do you think just anyone can overcome that difficult surgery like you did? Jung Bong a~ That's incredible. You are definitely more stronger than mom.. more greater.

But where is mom that have no worry about her son? where is dad that have no worry about his son?

Simple and Difficult, Small or Big are not the problem, but being considerate even with a simple word, actually you can give someone strength.
a simple "Don't Worry"

That is my best moment for episode 8! How about you?

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