Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

Best Moments Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 6 [Greenhazel Version]

My Best Moment for Episode 6 is actually none. Yup, none, but actually this episode has the first twist.
While from episode 1-5, we being fed up that the potential husband is Sun Woo and Jung Hwan, this episode tell us that Sun Woo is out.
I should have warn myself this time tough, so that i can prepared to be fool for the next 14 episodes.

Even this is not the best moment, but actually this is the unforgettable moment to me, the first snow, but not when Sun Woo tell Bora that He likes her, also not when Deok Sun cry like crazy because she knows Sun Woo likes her sister, also not when Junghwan smile like a fool when he realize Sun Woo likes Bora not Deok Sun. But when Taek call Deok Sun and asked her to go watch a movie with him.

That cute Taek, first move.
From "Should we go to see a movie?" and change it to "Let's go watch a movie."

Taek is more brave than what he shows. He is so earnest, and innocent.

So even that this is not the best moment, but certainly this is what i will remember when it first snow. Ups.. i got my feeling on me >.<

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