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Best Moment Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 2 [Greenhazel Version]

I admit that episode 2 have so many great scenes, and to choose one is a torture.
But i have to. and so for today i wanna present The Best Moment of Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988.

So for me, this is the best scene for Episode 2.
Sun Woo always eat her mother's cook, even how bad that it tastes.

Just like Deok Sun, Sun Woo is also picture as a considerate son, which grew up with a single mother and have a cute little sister, but Sun Woo also the class president, a good student, a good friend and also a good son.
Her mother is already known as a bad cook but Sun Woo always eat her cook without complain.

One day, Sun Woo go home late and in his way to his house, he remember that he still doesn't finish his meals that his Mom packed for him, so he quietly hide and eat that meal, which is bad as always and to make it worse, already cold.
I like when the voice over said : Sometimes it's okay to be in delusion, if eating Mom's meal can make her think that she is a good cook, than that is the easiest thing to do.
It's fine to be in delusion sometimes, don't need to force the harsh truth onto a small bit of happiness, because sometimes you need delusion to be happy.

Sun Woo make me think, what kind of child am I.. and how i should love my mom just like him. Even that many scenes of this episode so great, this one touch me the most.

And just say just say haha.. i think i should add one more scene that i like from this episode, actually the message is link of.

Taek and Deok Sun's Dad conversation about Mother.

Deok Sun's Dad ask Taek, when is the time he miss his late mother the most. Taek teary answer him, "Everyday.. Everyday i miss my mom."

Mom is someone we miss the most, alive or not, Dad said.

and the voice over continue...

"An adult-like child is just a child who adjust to surroundings but an adult-like child is still a child."

Delution is short, but misunderstanding last a long time, that's why delusion offer freedom but misunderstanding chain you down.

The first time i watch this, just to hear Taek said "everyday" make my cry, but when i write this time, i just feel touch.. but not get teary anymore ^^
This is my best moment of episode 2, how about you?

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