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Best Moments Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 Episode 1 [Greenhazel Version]

I don't think i will move on soon from this drama >.<
I really love and hate this drama for the same time!

But despite from my satisfactory for the love line,
I wanna present....

The Best Scenes from Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988 in my opinion!

Episode 1.
The Cake Only For Deok Sun-The Always Give Up Second Child

Deok Sun is picture as a considerate second child, she maybe not that kind little girl but she always know how to give up things for her siblings because her parents is poor. But one day, after all the hard things she face, she suddenly blow up all of her unsatisfactory to her parents.

Why the bad things have to always happen on her? Why she have to give up egg for breakfast? Why she have the chicken's wing instead of her favorite chicken's leg? Why she have to celebrate her birthday with her sister? Use the wasted candle and name Deok Sun while her sister name Bora and her brother name No Eul? Why always her? (Deok Sun is considered not so pretty name for woman)

One day, her father bring her a cake. A whole cake just for her.

"Mom and Dad feel sorry. We do that because we just don't know. When the first child born, we wonder how to grew her up, when the second born, we wonder how to teach her well, when the third child born, we wonder how to make him a good person.. Your dad too.. wasn’t a father when he was born. Being a father too is the first time for Dad.. So I hope for your understanding. My daughter have grew beautiful." he said.

And then her father tell her to blow the candles and she have the cake all for herself. And the voiceover said, "I don't mind to always sacrifice because i think my parents will know, but sometimes the family might be don't know, but knowing isn’t all that important, because what matters isn’t the head, but the heart that leads us to walk hand-in-hand. And that heart is family."

This scene make me cry a river.

I really feel sad for Deok Sun and genuine understand the parents, no one really wanna hurt each other.. just because in life.. sometimes you hurt the people around unconsciously..

When she gave up her favorite food or when she have to celebrate her birthday with her sister, she just hold it on because she try to being considerate, but she also need to be valued. That's so human.

And when the desperate heart being blow up, she just think that everything is unfair for her, even her name. But then just with one cake, she understand how her father heart and than she understand that she has to be considerate, because they are her family after all.

Great Scene! And I remember this scene so much and love it so much until i have to cry all over again just to write this hiks hiks.. >.<

This my best scene for episode 1, how about you?? ^^

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