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Experience and Feelings for Reply 1988/ Answer me 1988

After finishing this series, i decide to write my experience and how i feel after crazy watching and read all the opinion from other site about this stories.

Answer Me 1988 is the third series following two successor Answer me 1997 and Answer 1994, in my case, i just watch 1997 and just read 1994 at other site without really interest to watch it. 

I'm following Korean Drama but actually a little bit choosy about them, i don't say that i just watch good drama, but actually some have to catchy to make me watch it, and i have to say that Answer Me 1988 is one of the drama which catch me fully (and also dump me badly.......)

I watch this movie, first is because Park Bo Gum, who actually said will got his first lead male at the series. And i know him from his role as a young Dong Seok in Wonderful Days, and deeply like him when he played as a younger brother of Lee Hyun in I Remember You. I think he is cute and lovely and has a great talent in acting, so when i hear that he will be the lead role in Reply 1988, i'm excited.

So, the cover out and i realized that he maybe not just the one and only lead male. Because he just stand at the really corner side and not really look like a lead male.
Some people already know about Go Kyung Pyo too because he have a quite lot drama series, but i don't really know him, but he quite catchy at the cover and some site say that he is the lead male. 
For Lee Dong Hwi, i think people already know that his role is more like a supporting one, just like the Answer Me successor which always have his kind of role.
The problem is Ryu Jun Yeol which actually not as famous as Kyung Pyo and Bo Gum but the most catchy at the cover (because he is the only one who sit down? i don't know..)
So the stories begin, they are friends that live and grew up at the same little street Ssamundong, which that time without digital, internet and you don't need to have a reason, but just to be around each other to become friends.
The stories focus on the family matters, friendship and a little bit lovelines. This series kinda slow one which actually feel really real and also warm.. (so real that it's sometimes depressing and cruel)
but you don't have to hurry a memories, because it slow for you to feel.

So just like another Answer Me Series, there is always a mystery of "husband", this time they wrap it a little bit different. Because the character was 18th at 1988, so they will be around 40 at 2015, so they decide to give the character to the older actor/actresses, that's mean they show you the husband but don't tell you who #rolleyes.

This series built a really bond stories about family and really sweet when it comes to lovelines. But they also prepared a lot of twist. The question, is the ending which out now is the real ending? because some looks off and not wrap fully like their successors, maybe they really change it at the last moments just like some of the people thought, but for me, after feeling depressed and consider it awhile, i decide that.. yes, this is what the writer want to give us.
They want to give us a little bit different Answer Me 1988, and they succes to built up a strong bond of character one and another, but for me they play a little bit too much for the lovelines and that make the story tied a little bit off.

First, i think that the husband will be between Kyung Pyo, and Jun Yeol, so even tough i really sad that Bo Gum is not the "lead male" i'm still in this movie because all the moments were so sweet, so touchy and so real. But then suddenly Kyung Pyo was thrown out from the list to be a husband, and Bo Gum in. I just like.. Wenyeol?? (Hyeri catchphrase at the series), but become more excited about the series.

 Many other site start to built team for Choi Taek (Bo Gum) or team Jung Hwan (Jun Yeol) and i'm is one of the people who actually love Choi Taek but believe that the husband will be Jung Hwan. I cheer for Jung Hwan and prepare to give warm hug for Taek. 

I mean Jung Hwan have an early start! He loves her first! At least as the viewer, we know his heart first! He was such a good kid! a good friend! and he cares of her more than she knows! he is the perfect one that always be the hero at all others series, right? the type that you can't resist.

The type that bickering with you the most, but actually care for you, protect you and loves you.. without you know.

The one who protect you at the bus.

The one who wait when you late, and give you umbrella when it rains.

The one who stop you from a blind date.

So I naturally think that he will be the husband. Aside from all the clue that always not ever being the clues like other Answer Me series, i actually read all the opinion about the husband and decide that all the clues is actually an open clues that the scriptwriter can drag anyone from the friends to be the husband. Anyone, even Dong Ryong.. because when she said the husband is clever, Dong Ryong also clever in the wise way? So everyone can be the husband.

Even when the show throw us the sweet moments from Taek, i still believe that Junghwan is the husband. 

Even that he wrap his hand around her shoulder

Even that he hug her like THIS!

Even that their "date" moments being made this beautiful and sweet.

Even that he looks at her like THIS!

I actually never think that he will the be husband, and i think it's a little weird now. Like.. WHY? How can i'm not realized that the scriptwriter plan to make him as the FINAL husband?
Why i can't realized that?
Even that the show throw us the most shocking scenes! Dreamy but actually Real Kiss! #rollingeyes.

Maybe because after six years of waiting, Junghwan still holding her like that?

No. I realized what the big off feeling now. They make the stories from Jung Hwan point of view, and then slowly show a little bit Taek point of view, but earlier episodes all is from Jung Hwan point of view! If he is not the husband, and at last no one ever know what his feelings and how he loves her, how can they imagine things or even tell a story from his point of view? A little bit off but then the show also throw Taek's point of view, so why i don't suspicious that he will be the husband? I don't have the answer, but this actually catch me off so much that i really doesn't believe myself being fooled for 20 episodes, and then realize, that actually i'm not being fooled from the beginning. Bo Gum is the lead. If the show can talk, it will tell me "I've told you he is the lead. This is his first lead!" XD
They start their relationship with this kiss,

and they start to cuddle like this for two episodes #rolleyes.

Okay, so Park Bo Gum for the win! Yay! Congratulations.

But my question is.. how about the other one? How about Jung Hwan?

 After the show still give us this kind of scenes..

 and then make him realized his flaws.

and make him end his first love with sincerely turn fake confession.

What happen to HIM?

I mean, i prepared to hug Bo Gum and suddenly i have to hug Jung Hwan! #not that i hate doing that, but i just not prepared myself!
And when i still hoping the show will give us a little bit hope and love for Jung Hwan, the show cruelly cut his scenes for two last episodes and he doesn't even have a paper length of dialogue! other site said that even bottle of soju have more scenes than him at 2 last episodes #drylaugh.

So i little bit disappointed about how the scriptwriter doesn't do something about Junghwan, he maybe not the husband, but he is the character that built this stories as much as others so how can he just gone like that?

At last but not the least, i also sad that they don't make anything about Dong Ryong too..

But i can understand why Jung Hwan not be the husband. Okay, he has his flaw and that can be fatal from the relationship, which he is too hesitated and worrisome, and will always like that if he face Deok Sun while Taek is there. Because he is just like that! and that make me remember how i silently love someone back then, in my school time #nostalgic.

Tragic but true, but real. But then.... why it have to be that real show? T-T

But! I applaused at the last moment when Deok Sun comeback to the street, while the street is already uninhibited and neglected, and when she walk into the room, she looks at the gangs together like the first episodes start, but not with smile, instead with tears. Because they are her youth, which shine bright and beautiful in her memories, but will never come back again. But when she ask them "Why are you guys there?" Junghwan answers, "Why are we here? Where would we have gone?"
That touch me! Yepp.. that's memories, while they are just flew away but actually always there.
and the last narrates : I couldn’t return to my youth, and I couldn’t return to that street either. Time flows, everything passes by, and ages. The reason that youth is beautiful is because of that. Because at a brilliant moment, you shine so brightly that it’s blinding, but you can never go back."
"The reason I miss that time and the reason I miss that street isn’t just because I miss my younger self. It’s because my dad’s youth, my mom’s youth, my friends’ youth—the youth of everything that I loved was in that place. I regret not having bid a final farewell to the surroundings of my youth that can never be brought back together again. To the things that are already gone, to the time I can’t return to… I say a belated farewell. Goodbye, my youth. Goodbye, Ssangmun-dong."

The End.
So Real, So Warm.

This series maybe doesn't give the best ending, but it taught me that ending also can be like this, a little bit float here and there but you can't ask more, because it is the end.

BUT.. i'd like to make myself an alternate ending, which attribute to mostly Junghwan and other who doesn't have their part wrap beautifully. Next... Today is just like this. ^_^

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